The Life of a Guitar Picking Ex-Lawman


DARYL MAY’S THIRD BOOK, an Amazon best-seller, is a collection of stories he has often told, each time honing his phrasing, metaphors and side comments to a wickedly sharp edge.  Daryl is an international performer who knows how to tell a funny story, make you laugh and keep your interest.  While a Deputy Sheriff, he guarded Jack Kennedy three days before the president was murdered in Dallas.  As a Vice Cop, he messed with the Mafia, monitored the KKK, and found himself in the middle of an inner-city riot.  He’s written chapters that will keep you laughing called The Judge & The Rooster and Little Red Riding Hooker, also from his time in Vice.   Then, as singer, guitarist, and standup comedian, he worked cruise ships in the Caribbean, Australian ski resorts, posh hotels and show lounges from Myrtle Beach to Clearwater Beach.  During his time in Nashville, he wrote a hit song for country music legend Mel Tillis.  His songs and tales often use real names while finding humor in the most bizarre of circumstances.

Daryl is a renaissance man, whose vast experiences have given him endless material for his art, which he does exceptionally well.  After a long and successful career in entertainment, May returned to Pinellas County government as Director of a Fraud Unit.  He is now retired and living in Belleair, FL with his beautiful wife Brenda, who continues to endure Daryl’s infinite creativity.  He is writing a sequel called Cue the Cavalry, as well as working on a new novel, Poolside with Picasso. 

CHASING SHADOWS holds the reader mesmerized like a kid at Disney World.   

(Personally signed copies of Daryl’s book can be obtained at this website at no extra cost.)