HERE IS ANOTHER EXCELLENT BOOK BY AUTHOR DARYL MAY, one of the funniest, most ornery, retired deputy sheriffs in the world.  He is soft spoken—a one of kind hombre--with an incredible gift of gab.  Every so often an excellent unputdownable book slips through to make up for the hokey, contrived blood and guts, cops-and-robbers memoirs.  Former lawman Leroy Kelly said, “You will make things May says part of your vocabulary.” Such is Daryl May’s sequel The Whole Shootin’ Match.


        As a Florida deputy sheriff his colleagues called him Moon for “making waves” on the street and in the office.  He guarded John Kennedy just 96 hours before the president’s murder. He dueled an Angus bull with a cop car, considered pilfering guitarist Chet Atkins’ coat, and nearly knocked down Mafia boss Santo Trafficante by accident.  He chased dopers, busted hookers, and nearly died in a muddy, water filled ditch one rainy night fighting for his life.  Hearing May sing, Merle Haggard said, “If the sonofabitch can sing like that--what’s he doin’ bein’ a cop?” As a singer-songwriter-standup comedian, he hooked up with - and writes about - Johnny and Tommy Cash, Marty Robbins, Faron Young, Hank Jr., Shel Silverstein, and other Nashville greats.  He performed on cruise ships, Australian ski resorts, wrote a hit song for recording artist Mel Tillis, and got waylaid with a Jewish harmonica player during a shooting coup in Haiti.  Jack Daniels made him an honorary Tennessee Squire.


Author Of The Amazon Best Seller CHASING SHADOWS


       TAMPA BAY MAGAZINE: Daryl May knows how to make you laugh and keep your interest … honing his phrasing, metaphors, and side comments to a sharp edge.  As a former deputy sheriff and then a standup comedian, his tales often use real names and are obviously true, even if he does find … humor in the most tragic circumstances.  (May) is a renaissance man, whose experiences have given him a lot to say, which he does exceptionally well. He continues his creativity with songs that he wrote, such as “I Never Met a Hooker I Didn’t Like.”                                                                                                    


       BRIAN GOFF, TAMPA BAY NEWSPAPERS: Entering the world of Daryl May is entering a world of extremes. His life’s experiences have ranged from the extremely funny and humorous to THE extremely sad and tragic. He is a man who has been a lawman, an entertainer and now an author. His personality is as eclectic as his life. 


The Whole Shootin' Match

  • These are autographed copies.  Let Daryl know if you wish the book to be signed and who to make dedication.