At every bend, nook and cranny of the majestic St. Johns, one is sure to find a whittler, whistler, toiler or traveler.  Come join us as we: take a two-car ferry ride across the St. Johns- a ferry that has operated, in one form or another, at that very same location since the 1700's; discover a pre-Columbian owl-shaped totem pole that archeologists believe to be the largest wooden sculpture ever excavated in the Western Hemisphere; visit a 3,500 year old Grand Cypress tree that is nearly 120 feet tall with a 47 foot girth used by river pilots as an aid to navigation; meet a master boatbuilder that restores antique wooden boats to their former glory; tour a Maritime Museum filled with beautiful hand-carved, fully operational steamboats, utility launches, speedboats and riverboats.


Whisper of the River is a 40-minute documentary that sweeps away life's stresses and demands by surrounding you with the breathtaking beauty, tranquility and melodic sounds of another world.  A world we locals call Old Florida.  The guitar and songs of Daryl May, your host, carries you on a meandering journey through Florida's rarely seen interior.  His original songs "Whisper of the River" and "Somewhere in the Rain" were written especially for the DVD.  Daryl will also slip in a little Florida history for good measure, history seldom found in books or travel brochures.

Whisper of the River